Can you identify these two mysterious ancient tools?

Article no.1194

Hello from Hazard!
We had another correct estimate for item # 1192.

Article no.1192
Article no.1192

David Hoover, Tiffin, Ohio, said it was a crimp tool. He writes, “Notice the holes in the back. It can be reversed for two shapes of connectors. The flat side is for the little cable you see on a lot of products. You need to use a vise for extra strength.
Linda Farnsworth Mueller, Wadsworth, Ohio, found the item in the old “engine room” store on our family farm.

Article no.1193

Still nothing on item # 1193. It may be a real mystery.
Mary Sonner recently bought it from an antique store. It is made of wood and is approximately 28 inches tall. The handle is 12 inches long. It has a pointed end. Two metal parts are present at the top of the main shaft.

Article no.1194

We’re going to move on to item # 1194 (but if anyone has any guesses about item # 1193, send it to us). Larry Broestle submitted the article.
If you know what the item is or how it has been used, email us at [email protected]; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c / o Farm and Dairy, PO Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.
We could use other elements to be included in our Hazard a Guess column. If you have anything, please send it to us.


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