Bringing the Art of Disney Animation to the Quad Cities

A promising new animated series based in the Quad Cities has caught the attention of Disney animation genius Tom Ruegger. Now, the local artist who created the cartoon “Chucky Chicken” is hoping to work with the experienced mentor to bring the YouTube series to the big screen.

“One hundred years ago, Walt Disney had to leave the Midwest and come home to make his dream come true,” said Davenport-based host Michael Cook, “We’re in the future now, we shouldn’t have to do this. “

Davenport ⁠— the setting for this Emmy-nominated host’s new adventure. Cook describes how he ⁠— literally ⁠— draws inspiration from his surroundings, saying, “I can be inspired by what I see the Mississippi River around me in the summer — the steamboats passing by.”

Cook and Chucky weren’t on this trip alone – the eccentric chicken caught the eye of Tom Ruegger – the creator of Disney’s Animans.

“It’s so intimidating knowing that someone who created my childhood is now helping me to have new childhoods.” said Michel.

The Leading Animator ⁠— bringing the magic and passion of Disney to the Quad Cities-based series. Cook enjoys working with the artistic legend of animation.

“It’s not just wanting to work with someone just because they have the big name, it’s building a relationship and building a friendship and building a connection with someone because that’s more important than anything. . “

Friendship – solving both chicken struggles and human struggles.
“Chucky is kind of me in chicken form.” Cook explains, “What I love about Chucky is that he’s always there for his friends.
“I have to deeply admire how human the microphone is.” said a voice actor from the Chucky Chicken project.
“Mike cares about the person behind the voice so Mike cares about the character.”

From a scribble on a piece of paper, in the hands of a talented Disney, Chucky is ready for his next adventure. Michael hopes to see his chicken grow up. He hopes Chucky will star in a TV series, a movie, and wherever his wings can fly ⁠— “Someday I’ll get him … someday.” Cook said.

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