Bento Box Original Movies ‘Pastacolypse,’ Millennial Hunter, and ‘Big Bruh’ Set in Tubi – Deadline

Fox will continue to expand its Bento Box Entertainment portfolio with three animated films exclusive to Tubi, its ad-supported streaming service.

Revealed as part of the network’s Upfronts presentation on Monday, Fox shared that Bento Box’s Pastacolypse, Millennial Hunter and Big Bruh will come to Tubi in the coming season. The trio of original films will add to the handful of Bento Box titles already under Fox, including Bob’s Burgers, Duncanville, The Far North and Housebroken- a number of whom will return for the broadcaster’s 2022-23 season.

The first of the original trio of animated films for Tubi is Pastacolypse from Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Matthew Maiellaro. Pastacolypse is a father-daughter survivalist horror-comedy, concocted from the most ridiculous premise on Earth: a billionaire celebrity chef seeks revenge on all of humanity when a global gluten ban destroys his life. In the process, Alfredo Manicotti is disfigured into a hideous, half-man, half-macaroni creature, and leads a pasta uprising that threatens all of humanity. It’s up to his spoiled heiress daughter, angel-haired Emma, ​​to make the ultimate sacrifice and save the world from impending pastacolypse.

millennial hunter comes from comedian and actor Sam Taggart and is an action-comedy that centers on a flawed hero with a thirst for righteous revenge against his enemies: millennials.

Lately, Big Bruh hails from a writer, comedian and Duncanville co-producer Jerron Horton. Big Bruh is described as “a satirical comedy about a famous, undefeated boxer who is as ignorant as he is materialistic, struggling to find common ground with the bratty kid with high morals he is paired with on the Big Bruh program”.

All three anime films will be produced by Bento Box Entertainment.

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