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the Bentley Flying Spur It is one of the most exclusive and luxurious premium sedans in the F segment in the world. The third generation, and current, arrived on the market in 2019 and made it as the most technological of all. It is because the Volkswagen Group gave its engineers the green light to use the MSB platform created by Porsche. Now, after a few years of sales, the brand’s executives have decided to give it a twist.

It is not that the Bentley Flying Spur looked old or outdated compared to rivals, but perhaps more sober. Therefore, for the year 2022, a series of changes that make your image more aggressive. As you can see from the photos, they are limited, although remarkable. In addition, the equipment has also been updated, with more equipment in the range access versions. We tell you their secrets to maintain their status and continue on the path to success.

Changes to the Bentley Flying Spur focus on finishes and equipment

If we look at the body, the first thing that stands out is the Cambrian gray shade. This is all new, adding to the 63 colors that form part of the Flying Spur’s vast color palette. On the other hand, as an ornament, it has a series of elements, grille, wheels or side moldings, finished in glossy black. The rest of the lines and elements that make up the aesthetic code of the English sedan remain unchanged.

Inside the features of Bentley Flying Spur more neat materials. Among the novelties, we highlight the open pore woodwork in the shades of Liquid Amber, Dark Burr Walnut and Tamo Ash. Now the protective lacquer layer is 0.1 millimeter, leaving the original wood texture exposed for occupants to feel. In addition, the air conditioner ionizer is standard of the most basic finish.

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Finally, we will talk about the Revised Flying Spur crew. The City Pack will be standard (previously optional) and will provide you with aids such as traffic sign recognition, hands-free trunk opening, reverse traffic warning, overhead camera, welcome lighting and auto-dimming mirrors. All accompanied by a improved interior acoustics thanks to the collaboration of the company ESI Group.

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