Beijing bans “effeminate” and “vulgar” screen content, caps pay for actors

Beijing: China has extended the crackdown to its entertainment industry, telling broadcasters to ban performers with “incorrect political positions” and effeminate styles of programming, saying a “patriotic atmosphere” should be cultivated.

The National Radio and Television Administration said in an online notice it would tighten regulation of cultural programming, cracking down on what it sees as unhealthy content as well as celebrity salaries and tax evasion. .

The new Chinese regulations target celebrity culture and the “effeminate” aesthetic. Credit:PA

Chinese regulators have stepped up their oversight over a wide range of industries ranging from technology to education to tighten control over society and key sectors of the economy after years of soaring growth. On Monday, they introduced new rules limiting the time children can spend playing video games.

The entertainment industry has come in its sights after a string of celebrity scandals involving tax evasion and sexual assault. Last week, China’s internet regulator said it was taking action against what it described as a “chaotic” celebrity fan culture.

The regulator said new rules cap the remuneration of actors and guests should be strictly enforced and they should be encouraged to participate in public welfare programs as well as take on social responsibilities, according to the opinion. Tax fraud would be severely punished.

The selection of actors and guests should be carefully controlled, with political knowledge and moral conduct included as criteria.


The advisory also said there was a need to put an end to what it called “distorted” tastes such as “effeminate” aesthetics in programming. Entertainment involving “vulgar” Internet celebrities, scandals and the display of wealth should be rejected.

The unhealthy fan culture should be quelled and the voting segments of programs strictly controlled, with encouragement for fans to spend money to vote strictly banned, according to the advisory.

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