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Rupert, 60, arrived at Windermere Pier for an episode of Antiques Roadshow which aired earlier this year, to help a man who got his hands on the film’s sailboat. The swallows and the Amazons had a pretty big impact on the BBC’s program expert when he was younger, therefore, he was rather overwhelmed to be sitting in the ship. However, when it came to showcasing the iconic creation, Rupert believed it was well worth its weight in gold.

At the start of the segment and against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery, Rupert said, “I’m sitting on a boat and not just any boat, but the boat from the 1974 movie Swallows and Amazons that I saw in the age of 14.

“It’s fair to say that it took me to navigate just looking at the romantic lives of these kids in this wonderful summer.

“It never seemed to rain, the sun was always there and it was filmed and shot here. One of these islands could have been the one they spent the night on.

“How did you get it?” he asked the guest, who began to give a little more general information about the relic.

“After the film, it was stored in a shipyard on the [River] Thames and 35 years later, they decided to downsize and move so that all the boats they were storing were up for auction.

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“Surprisingly, there are quite a few boats of this kind of vintage still there, really,” the expert explained to the guest.

Beginning his valuation, Rupert said: ‘And if it came to that, you’d think it might be worth around £ 2,000, £ 3,000 or something like that.

“But the combination of this iconic film is so powerful. It’s mine and I think of a generation of sailors.

“And so, without hesitation, I’m going to put £ 20,000 to £ 30,000 in it,” he revealed of the clearly emotional five-figure sum, using words like “mighty” to describe the ship.

As the expert was feeling rather nostalgic for the boat, the guest replied, “Well I’m glad we funded and bought it because it’s amazing.”

Rupert was eager to experience life on the water himself asking, “I hope this value doesn’t stop me from using it for navigation, right?”

“No not at all. No, that’s what it’s for, that’s what the boats are for as you know,” the guest explained as the camera watched them walk away.

Speaking of Twitter, it seems fans were also in awe of the find, as one wrote, “Swallows and Amazons forever! #AntiquesRoadshow. “

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on BBC One.

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