‘Antiques Roadshow’ is back – and this time, celebrities are involved

Two reviewers – Karen Keane of Boston-based Skinner, Inc., and Boston-based Michael Grogan, visited Leno for the episode in this Newport area. Keane discussed a model ship in his living room, a mermaid weather vane on the roof of his house, and a lead and bronze peacock garden statue, while Grogan discussed a painting by Blanche -Augustine Camus.

Keane said Leno – whom she noted was modestly dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt while filming the episode – was “very interested in the history of the objects.” He understands the collection because he is a car enthusiast; he is an extremely sophisticated collector of automobiles. It provides an understanding of the types of questions that should be asked about the collection. And it understands the build quality of previous generations.

Another reason the peacock statue attracted Leno, she added, is that the peacock is the logo of NBC, home of Tonight’s show which he hosted, with the exception of a brief hiatus, from 1992 to 2014.

Merkerson receives a visit at his Harlem, New York apartment from Bene Raia, a doll appraiser in Holliston, Mass., And Leila Dunbar, a pop culture memorabilia appraiser based in Washington, DC. Award-winning actor, Merkerson has appeared on Broadway, and on Law and order and Chicago Med, both on NBC; she also has a home in Chicago, where this latest series is currently filming.

Actor S. Epatha Merkerson in his apartment in Harlem, New York.

Antiques tour

She recently said A D she collects black memorabilia and works by black artists (including Elizabeth Catlett, Geoffrey Holder and Jacob Lawrence) because “it’s part of my story. I don’t want to be ashamed of what my story was so I find it educational. It is a representation of me.

She finds the entertainment-related objects particularly attractive, some of the “people in dancing poses.” In addition to being an actor, I have done musicals.

An example of such objects is a 1930 poster for “Bubber Mack and his’ Apache Dancers”. On it, eleven black women and a black man are lined up in colorful costumes; many women wear pants, presumably to look like men. The title of the poster reads: “Georgia Smart Set features 1930s brown-skinned mammas.” This poster was a gift to Merkerson from actor Jesse Martin, his costar on Law and order.

Dunbar said the poster was not a stock poster (a poster with an image used for a variety of shows). On the contrary, Merkerson’s poster was created specifically for the Georgia Smart Set show and, therefore, is “much more illustrative and detailed,” which makes it more desirable.

Bemko said every celebrity interviewed for the new episodes “is vulnerable, hungry for information that we have. You can feel their anticipation. They are like you and me – people are people.

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