Antiques Roadshow expert leaves guest stunned as he offers to buy rare posters himself

ANTIQUES Roadshow expert Marc Allam issued a warning to a guest after offering to buy one of his rare posters.

On a recent episode of the BBC show, host Fiona Bruce took viewers to Somerset where experts brought in a number of valuable items to be valued.


Antiques Roadshow expert Marc Allam issued a warning to his guest after he offered to buy a posterCredit: BBC
A collection of retro movie posters immediately caught his eye


A collection of retro movie posters immediately caught his eyeCredit: BBC

Among the items were a vintage car, a wooden frog and a terrifying collection of Barbie dolls.

However, it was a collection of movie posters that caught the attention of expert Marc.

“I have three classic movie posters here on the table, we have a Terminator, we have Kagemusha, we have Alien,” the pundit began.

“Really, in a way, these three posters embody the kind of cinematic story of my childhood. How did you get them?”

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The guest explained, “My great-great-great-uncle worked for Rankin 20th Century Fox.

“So he used to go to the cinemas and advertise the films so that they also put them in the cinemas and the little booklets.”

Referring to the work of the guest’s uncle, Marc continued: “He was the person in charge of doing the rounds of the cinema chains.

“He would go to the cinemas and hand out the posters, lobby cards and any promotional material for them.”

The guest told the expert that she finds the whole collection “fascinating” before adding that cinemas operate differently now.

“It’s very different,” laughed Marc, praising the guest’s collection: “They’re all in fabulous condition.

“The Terminator poster, a regional poster like this from 1984, I see them regularly fetching £200-300 in this condition.

“Kagemusha, I’m a bit biased because, to be honest with you, I wish I had this poster frame in my house.”

Offering to buy it from the guest, the expert added: “I would love to give you £250 for this poster.

“Alien poster again in this condition, possibly around the £300 mark.

“I would say your collection is probably around £5,000 in total.”

However, before the segment ended, Marc issued a warning to the guest: “Remember to support your local theater.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

Marc valued the collection at £5,000


Marc valued the collection at £5,000Credit: BBC

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