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A local antique store will host a benefit to raise funds and support Taney County Animal Control with a day filled with antiques and fun festivities.

The Flea Hag Flea – & – Tiques will be hosting a performance for Taney County Animal Control on Saturday June 5th. The event will take place at the antique store, located at 112 State Hwy T in Branson, and will begin at 9 a.m.

Teresa Bangma, owner of the Flea Hag, originally planned the benefit as a celebration of the store’s adopted cat, Maggie.

“I had another kitty here named Maggie, and she would have been here for a year in June, but she passed away last month,” Bangma said. “We had planned to have a party in celebration of her year, and when she passed away we decided to continue doing it, but to do it in remembrance.

The Animal Control Benefit will be held to honor Maggie and to raise funds for other animals located at Taney County Animal Control. Bangma said they will also have a booth inside the Flea Hag to encourage people to help Maggie’s friends with animal control.

“We always have an adoption booth where we have stuffed animals, and they are tagged with a special blue tag that any purchase of these, the money automatically goes to the Taney County Animal Fund as well,” Bangma said.

Taney County Animal Control will be present, if permitting, a selection of animals available for adoption.

In addition to the adoption booth, Bangma said they will be doing their monthly quarterly sale to raise money for animal control.

“Outside, in our parking lot, we’re going to do our monthly quarterly sale. We do this once a month, it’s Tommie’s neighborhood sale, and he donates all the proceeds from one of the photos, murals, stuff like that. 100% will go to animal control, ”said Bangma.

Barbara with Boss Hoggs BBQ will also be there to serve sandwiches for lunch, according to Bangma.

Inside, there will be a raffle for a Branson Giveaway package, and anyone who purchases something inside the Flea Hag will receive a free gift.

“We get items from theaters, attractions, restaurants to do a Branson raffle,” Bangma said. “So we’ll have tickets available for the raffle, (and) tickets will cost $ 1 apiece.”

Bangma said they will receive cash donations inside the Flea Hag during the performance, and for anyone who wants to donate later, he can write a check to Taney County Animal Control.

“We will also be collecting food, dog food, cat food, kitty litter, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, toys, whatever anyone wants to bring,” said Bangma. “We’re going to start taking them now until the event, and we’ll give it all away.”

Bangma said all donations can be brought to Flea Hag or dropped off at Taney County Animal Control, located at 255 Critter Trail in Hollister.

For more information on Taney County Animal Control, visit or follow their “Taney County Animal Control” Facebook page.

For more information on the Taney County Animal Control Benefit, follow Flea Hag’s Facebook page “Flea Hag Flea – & – Ticks” or contact Teresa Bangma at 417-320-6163.

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