Anakin Skywalker returns in new Star Wars animated project

It’s not exactly hard to believe, but it’s hard to think of what we’re going to see now that it’s been announced that Matt Lanter will again be voicing the character Anakin Skywalker. Apparently Lucasfilm wanted to do another project with the animated version of Skywalker, so here we are. It’s hard to say what the project will be as no one is giving any details at this point, but it’s fair to say that it may need to be defined long before Revenge of the Sith is over. You might even think this should be sorted out after Ahsoka leaves unless she is involved in some way or another, although nothing has been said. One can only imagine how many Star Wars fans are starting to theorize about what will happen in this feature and what it will mean for Canon in the future, as a lot of people probably thought Anakin’s game was over. even though Lanter did. admitted he still had Anakin on his brain. But there is still so much room between the end of the Clone Wars and revenge of the Sith to really work because as was shown in Revenge of the Sith, things were moving quickly, and on top of that, Anakin was on the verge of being a father and he was struggling with the Jedi Order and the council when it came to his rise to the rank of Master, so there is a lot of scope to work with, but one almost has the feels like, as always, Lucasfilm is going to go in a direction few, if any, fans are really going to see until it’s too late and the first teaser trailer is on its way to audiences.

It’s really amazing that when the first trilogy came out, few people wanted to learn as much about Anakin, apart from those who have devoted themselves to the cinema. Darth Vader was the main point of interest, even eclipsing Luke Skywalker to a point, at least until Luke started ramping up his skills and power. Obi-Wan has been revered in his own way over the years, but until the prequels, Anakin was really more for the die-hard fans than he felt because they were the ones who knew something about him and the secret was enough. closely guarded. Then the prequels came out and we got to see a young Anakin as he was introduced as a slave on Tatooine with his mother. He was a podracer and Force-sensitive, and yet people still didn’t connect with him right away, as if trying to invest in a child was too much to ask. Even when the books were written showing how Anakin was progressing and how he continued to be confused and distant due to several factors, people still found it difficult to accept him. Then the Clone Wars came along, and people were all over the young Jedi as if they had been watching him for years. It’s pretty easy to laugh at this because by then a lot of people had become Star Wars converts and were definitely in the act even though a lot of people were still critical of the film from top to bottom. Hey, the more the merrier when it comes to fans, but as Anakin’s popularity grew, skeptics always wanted to point out the plot holes, lack of continuity, and many other issues they thought they had. the right to complain. Well, to be honest they did, but at the same time a lot of people didn’t care. Anakin had finally become one of the most popular characters, and for some it was because they knew Darth Vader was on the distant horizon, waiting to take Anakin’s place, while for others , it was a chance to see the constant struggle that the Jedi make an effort to be a decent individual and not be ruled by his emotions.

The destination of this story is unknown at this time, but the upside is that Anakin is a widely respected Star Wars figures out now and it’s fair to say that people are going to watch just because it’s Star Wars, and no matter what anyone says about Disney doing so much to ruin the franchise, most people will keep going. to watch. But it will be interesting to know where this story goes and what its purpose will be, as one would have thought the Anakin story was about to be told at this point. Lucasfilm has obviously found something else that they think could bring another profit, so it’s easy to think they’re going to play it for the full value of the idea.

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