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MAYA L’ABEILLE: L’ORBE D’OR (PG, 88 mins) Animation / adventure / musical. With the voices of Coco Jack Gillies, Benson Jack Anthony, Frances Berry, Callan Colley, Noel Cleary, David Collins, Shane Dundas, Justine Clarke, Tom Cossetini, Evie Gillies, Christian Charisiou. Director: Noel Cleary.

Released: May 17

Drawing on animated characters from Waldemar Bonsels’ German children’s book, Maya The Bee first took off in computer-animated form as a television series followed by a 2014 children’s feature film. preschool age.

Comprehensive life lessons in courage, tenacity and friendship are brought to life in a third big-screen episode directed by Noel Cleary, which invites the cute bugs to barge into lyrically simplistic songs to convey their emotions.

“This mountain here is no place for ants / Against us beetles, they have no chance,” sings a hawkish insect (Christian Charisiou), who overcomes his prejudices and appreciates the power of interspecific cooperation at the time where the end credits rock and roll.

Writer Fin Edquist reaps a sticky sentimentality when the going gets tough, but emotional syrup hits don’t stop solid action sequences from taking flight, including a frenzied chase over a fallen leaf in swirling water.

The quality of the animation has improved since the first film but the water effects are not convincing during the river sequence and the feathery plumage of a flock of hungry birds noticeably lacks realistic movement in it. ‘air.

Coco Jack Gillies continues to radiate sweetness like the voice of the buzzing heroine, who never thinks twice before flapping her wings to do the right thing.

Maya (Gillies) and her best friend Willi (Benson Jack Anthony) cause a stir by accidentally setting off a slippery glowworm rush during the Spring Festival preparations.

“More of your adventures!” The queen (Justine Clarke) despairs, who orders Maya and Willi to collect the buttercup sap to repair the damage done to the hive. When the young are out of earshot, the frustrated monarch confides in her advisers that she may have to separate her best friends Maya and Willi.

“It would take something very special to change my mind,” cooed the queen, a discouraged Maya surprises.

During the sap collection outing, Maya and Willi encounter a green ant named Chomp (Tom Cossetini), who is being chased by the beetles Rumba (Frances Berry), Boof (Callan Colley) and Henchie (Cleary).

The bees take possession of Chomp’s Royal Greenleaf Orb and set out to transport the sparkling trinket to the ant colony of Bonsai Peak via the bustling bazaar of Loggy Hollow. En route, the orb cracks and reveals a cherub ant princess, whom Willi affectionately christens Smoosh (Evie Gillies).

Maya The Bee: The Golden Orb is a healthy getaway, pollinated by sweet vocal performances and heartfelt storytelling aimed directly at young audiences. Comedic relief from clumsy Red Ant soldiers Arnie (David Collins) and Barney (Shane Dundas) is presented accordingly.

When an insect nervously comments that sea life is not for him because he has “no sea legs,” his literal sidekick is confused because he can clearly see his buddy’s shaking pins.

It’s a tough bug life.

Rating: 2/5

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