A story of scarecrows, sculpture and affordable art


No less than 18 canvases painted by John Shinnors as a single work of art by Scarecrow Portaits, which is featured in Lot 46 at the De Veres Timed Sale of Outstanding Irish Art and Sculpture in Dublin on Tuesday 22 June.

These are no ordinary scarecrows. Each acts as a stage for the use of darkness and light.

In a catalog note, art historian John P O’Sullivan points out their eerie, nightmarish quality and draws a comparison to Ned Kelly’s eyeless Sydney Nolan paintings.

Shinnors traces his scarecrow motif back to summers in the County Clare countryside and an alarming childhood encounter with a scarecrow which he then associates with banshee stories.

Nunca Subremos by Ana Duncan at de Veres.

Each piece is individually signed and numbered and measures 36 “x 36”. First exhibited at the Limerick City Gallery of Art in 2002, the work is estimated between € 70,000 and € 100,000.

This is a quality art auction featuring major works by Jack Yeats, Paul Henry, Roderic O’Conor, Louis le Brocquy, Basil Blackshaw and others.

Memories of Tony by Jane O'Malley at Whyte's.
Memories of Tony by Jane O’Malley at Whyte.

The O’Conor is a large, colorful still life, there is a horse painting by Yeats with one of the artists looking out from the attic of his house on Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin.

There is joy at de Veres at the guaranteed quality for this auction.

They look forward to welcoming viewers to Kildare St. starting next Thursday and to the Merrion Hotel, where the sculpture is on display. Interest in sculpture has grown tremendously in recent years in Ireland and the display of the lots in the garden of the Merrion Hotel will include works by Patrick O’Reilly, Ian Pollock, Ana Duncan, FE McWilliam, Anthony Scott, Catherine Greene , Killian Schurmann, Orla de Bri and John Behan.

There are smaller pieces by sculptors like Sandra Bell, Vivienne Roche and Mélanie le Brocquy. The catalog, online, features a wonderful selection of Irish contemporary art that should not be missed.

Meanwhile, Whyte invites newcomers to the scene to take a risk and dip their toes into the Irish art market at a summer online art auction next Monday.

More than 300 lots are offered with estimates of € 60 to € 5,000. Several of our most famous artists are featured in this affordable art sale featuring lithographs by Louis le Brocquy, ink drawings by Edward Delaney and Patrick Scott as well as works by Robert Ballagh, Elizabeth Cope, Markey Robinson, John O’Leary, John Phillip Murray, Hughie O’Donoghue and many more. The catalog is online.


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