Justice League: What Happened In The Unmade Animated Film

Tentatively referred to as Justice League: Worlds Collide, this planned animated film would have had the Justice League facing their distorted mirror images.

the Justice League cartoon and its follow-up series, Unlimited Justice League, were the last animated TV entries in the DC Animated Universe, capping a continuity that began in the early ’90s. Unlimited made a lot of changes to the team that weren’t exactly explained over the course of the series, namely an expanded roster and the invisible transport of a certain hero.

A planned film would have bridged the gap between the two shows, explaining why everything was so different. Called provisionally Justice League: Worlds Collide, this planned animated film would have had the Justice League facing their distorted mirror images, and here’s how the project failed and what it ultimately became.

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Justice League: Worlds Collide

As mentioned, the planned film was going to take place between the second season of Justice League and the first season of Unlimited Justice League. The villains of the film would have been the classic antagonists of the parallel justice, the Crime Syndicate. The DCAU’s Justice League had previously fought its evil counterparts in the form of the Justice Lords, whose storyline was originally intended to use the Crime Syndicate. It was one of the few times that original characters were used in place of a classic DC Comics team.

Other known plot elements about the movie, explain how Wonder Woman got her Invisible Jet, which just appeared as an unexplained new part of her arsenal in Unlimited Justice League. It would also have laid the groundwork for this series’ greatly expanded Justice League roster, which included figures such as Black Canary, Aquaman, and others who were introduced in Unlimited. The production of the film had advanced quite far and was about to be taped before being stopped, but that wouldn’t be exactly the end of what Bruce Timm and his company originally planned.

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Justice League: Crisis on Two Lands

Batman and Owlman Crisis on Two Lands

Four years later Unlimited has ended its broadcast on TV, DC and Warner Bros. have released an original animated film called Justice League: Crisis on Two Lands. As the name suggests, it combines, like the Justice Lords episodes, elements of the Silver Age Crime Syndicate stories with Grant Morrison’s more recent ones. JLA: Earth 2. Even beyond sharing a similar plot, the film is by far the closest thing to an official release from. Worlds collide.

The plot scares Wonder Woman away with Owlman’s stealth jet, which can become invisible. This would explain the presence of said jet in Unlimited. Hawkgirl is also not in the squad, having briefly left the League in the finale of the first show. The Flash in the movie is also clearly Wally West, despite the return of the Barry Allen version of the character at the time.

However, the direct links to the DCAU were removed in the film, and there are some very clear contradictions that help achieve this goal. On the one hand, Black Lightning is included in the film, but he was not officially present in the TV series due to being one of the many characters with legal entanglements surrounding their use. Likewise, John Stewart is replaced by Hal Jordan, who by that time had returned as the main Green Lantern in the comics. Even with these changes, it’s clear that it’s the closest fans who could see the original plans for Worlds collide.

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