17 Local Decorating Experts Who Can Restore Just About Anything

Things in your house will be destroyed. It’s just a fact of life. Cats will scratch your newly upholstered chair. The children are going to smash a porcelain plate. Something will inevitably be spilled at a dinner party. But, from framing experts to antique curators, Dallas has plenty of restoration experts to make your pieces look better than ever.

Restoration and repair

Noles-Davis Antique Restoration

Whether you’re looking to polish your silver coins, refinish an antique doorknob, or repair a brass bed, for over 65 years, Noles-Davis has been the place for metal maintenance. all kinds. 2707 Manor Way. 214-358-1731.

The lamp store

This local institution offers repair, restoration and rewiring services. Want a cosmetic update for a room that’s gone dark? Consider a custom shade or cool finial to instantly brighten up sconces, chandeliers or table lamps. 1515 Dragon Street 214-741-5300.

Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings

Has your crystal chandelier lost its shine? Pettigrew professionals can restore lost shine over time, smoke or water damage, and more. 1805 Market Center Blvd. 214-747-2232.

Dallas Cane Rush & Wicker Repair

The name pretty much says it all. With over 50 years of experience, owner Bill Torell can repair or replace damaged woven seats of any type at his Design District studio. 135 Pittsburgh St. 214-518-7079.

Oriental rug cleaning company.

For more than a century, this Dallas stalwart has repaired and restored fine rugs, textiles and tapestries. Whether you need a simple stain removal or a more complex repair like resizing, patching or refringing, they are ready for the job. 3907 Ross Ave 214-821-9135.

Masters of antique restoration

The folks at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the Rosewood Mansion in Turtle Creek trusted Martin Norkowski to bring their antique pieces to life, and so can you. No cut corners here; this master craftsman believes in doing things by hand. 10203 Plano Rd. #114. 469-432-3417.

The book doctor

Turned the pages of this page-turner one too many times? Book Doctor Candice McKay has the RX. From her Oak Cliff boutique, she lovingly binds and repairs old encyclopedias, family Bibles and other beloved books. 1320 W. Davis Street 214-946-1760.

Restoration of works of art and services

Helen Houp Conservation of Fine Arts

Houp has worked with major art museums, universities and art dealers in her more than 30 years as a professional conservator. She’ll examine a work of art and prescribe a conversation-handling regimen that will restore it to glory, blow by blow. 2626 Lombardy Ln. Ste. 106. 214-366-4700.

Van Enter Studio

Michael van Enter specializes in the conservation of sculpture and monuments, contributing to the work of DFW’s major art museums (the DMA, the Nasher and the Modern) and beyond. Services include repair, remanufacturing, welding, cleaning and installation. 1415 Fairview Ave 214-515-9948.

Fegan Fine Arts Restoration

Whatever problems are in your collection, the folks at Fegan Fine Art can turn the clock around. Scratched paint or torn leather? They can fix it. Broken glass or porcelain? Like new. 1533 Prudential Dr. 214-631-2920.

Pushkin and Gogol

Owner Kevin Rubén Jacobs can store, transport, install or display your art. The former Goss-Michael Foundation curator (and current gallerist behind OFG.XXX) has curated pieces for the DMA, Dallas Contemporary, and more. It also manufactures custom crates and pedestals for moving and display. 3715 Parry Ave 214-980-6390.

Reinvent and reinvent

Barry A. Martin Painting Contractors

If you love antiques but hate an abundance of brown wood, Barry A. Martin can stain, glaze or lacquer your piece any color of the rainbow. But why stop there? Barry and his team can expertly coat the walls, millwork and matching moldings. 2607 Boumar. 214-350-0723.

Yang’s Double Happiness

Have you ever wished you could turn a favorite antique urn, prized piece of pottery, or even a sentimental snare drum into a source of light? Owner Mei Yang can make your wildest power dreams come true. Or browse the selection of wire-ready items at their sister showroom, Crandale Galleries. 1421 E. Levee St. 214-747-8606.

View and Protect

Debra Stevens Custom Framing

Not only can framer Debra Stevens display your priceless antique paintings with panache, but she can also help you create a wall-worthy centerpiece from a scrap of fabric, an antique map, or a historical text. 972-620-1365.

E&D Plastics

Protect or enhance your treasures with the help of E&D, who can manufacture custom cases, display bases and more from durable acrylic. Or place a set of acrylic legs on an antique table or chair for a modern update to a timeless treasure. 1010 Levee Street 214-742-6032.

Finishing fine fabrics SBI

This Athens-based company can reinforce delicate fabrics with a variety of backings, making them durable enough for upholstery or wall hangings. They can also perform treatments to make your textiles water and stain resistant, flame retardant, antimicrobial, etc. Need to do it fast? They offer expedited turnaround in as little as 24 hours. 1108 Commercial St., Athens. 903-675-1440.

DeGarrio Metal Studio

A custom-made metal stand provides the perfect, sturdy perch to admire a small figurine, antique plate, or other relic. Owner and maker Humberto DeGarrio can (literally) elevate your precious finds and turn them into instant art. 1104 N. Riverfront Blvd. 214-328-3340.


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