10 actors who have been in Pixar and DreamWorks animated films

Pixar and DreamWorks are considered giants in the world of animated films. Both have delivered countless classics over the years and while Pixar titles tend to be recognized as such more often than DreamWorks movies, DreamWorks is by no means left behind.

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Many famous actors have lent their voices to animated films over the years, and there are even a handful who have voiced characters in the DreamWorks and Pixar films. These overlaps don’t normally make a big splash, as it’s not quite the same as an actor appearing in both the DC and Marvel properties.

ten TV show host Craig Ferguson brought life and character to his roles in Brave & How to Train Your Dragon

Craig Ferguson Lord Macintosh Brave Gobber How To Train Your Dragon

Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-American comedian, actor, author and presenter, best known for his welcoming of The late show. He’s also lent his Scottish accent to a number of animated characters over the years, including series on the small screen. family guy, Futurama, and even Winnie the Pooh.

Among those voice roles, Ferguson has also made appearances in Pixar. Courageous and DreamWorks’ How to train your dragon, like Lord Macintosh and Gobber respectively. While Lord Macintosh was a goofy character used for comic relief, Gobber was funny but also Hiccup’s staunch friend.

9 Catherine Keener is perfectly capable of playing both friendly and evil characters.

Catherine Keener Evelyn Incredibles 2 Croods Ugga

Catherine Keener has had a successful and rich career spanning over 30 years and has played all kinds of roles ranging from the terrifying Missy Armitage to Get out to Trish, the main love interest of The 40-year-old virgin.

Keener’s character variety also includes lending her voice to Ugga Crood, the reliable matriarch of The Croods, and Evelyn Deavor in The Incredibles 2, who becomes the main antagonist after a shock betrayal of Elastigirl. Catherine Keener has shown that she can tackle all kinds of different roles, whether her characters are seen as good or bad.

8 Tina Fey brought Megamind’s Soul 22 and Roxanne to life

Tina Fey Soul 22 Mean Girls Megamind

The talented Tina Fey has proven over the years that she can wear multiple hats as an actress, screenwriter, producer, comedian and playwright. She has lent herself to many hilarious roles but can also excel as characters of a more serious nature.

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She voices 22 in the Pixar movie Soul, which hits really deep with themes revolving around the goal in life and death. Before expressing her 22 years, she played a leading role in DreamWorks’ Megamind like Roxanne Ritchi. Roxanne is a smart and courageous journalist who basically gets used to being kidnapped by Megamind, as it so often happens.

7 John Goodman has a dominant presence with his single voice

John Goodman Sulley Monsters Inc Bee Movie

John Goodman’s voice is legendary for several reasons. He commands the room like Robert Laybourne in Community and the formidable Marshall in The Hangover Part III, but in dubbing, her low, booming voice can add a whole new dimension to a character.

One of Goodman’s most iconic characters, however, is Pixar and Monsters Inc.is very clean Sulley. He also voiced Layton T. Montgomery, the lawyer for food companies in America and Barry’s nemesis in DreamWorks’ Bee movie. Goodman perfectly captures Layton’s cranky and serious nature while being able to express more character with Sulley.

6 Bill Hader’s versatility shines through the fear of Inside Out and the arrogance of Turbo’s Guy Gagné

Bill Hader backwards

Bill Hader is considered one of the most versatile players in the industry. His roots in comedy saw him thrive Saturday Night Live and appear in a multitude of comedies by Brooklyn nine-nine to the tastes of Super bad and Hot rod.

He has actually had a number of voice roles with Pixar, from a student slug in Monster college and a fish named Stan in Finding Dory to express fear in Upside down and Axel le Carnie in Toy story 4. Hader also plays the main antagonist of Turbo, Guy Gagné, the runner who will stop at nothing to win.

5 Steve Buscemi voices mischievous villains Randall and Francis E Francis

Steve Buscemi Randall Monsters Inc Francis E Francis Boss Baby

The Monsters Inc. The main trio of Sulley, Mike and Randall were perfectly voiced by John Goodman, Billy Crystal and Steve Buscemi respectively, all becoming synonymous with these iconic characters.

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Steve Buscemi also appeared in a DreamWorks animated film, Boss Baby, where he lends his voice to the main antagonist, the charismatic and relentless Francis E Francis. Buscemi can basically voice any type of character, but those who are complicit and mischievous arguably get the most out of his voice.

4 Sacha Baron Cohen brings chaotic fun with King Julian and a bizarre overall experience with Uncle Ugo

Sascha Baron Cohen Uncle Ugo Luca Borat King Julien Madagascar

Sacha Baron Cohen has played many controversial roles during his entertaining acting career, with Borat, Ali G and Bruno among his most iconic roles. However, he also brought the characters to life with his voice acting, flexing his comedic muscles in a different format.

He played King Julian in the first two episodes of the Madagascar franchise, bringing an explosive and chaotic vibe to those films, but he also voiced Uncle Ugo in Pixar Luca, which brought a whole new energy to the table. In Luca, her character is mostly calm and distant, despite her terrifying appearance.

3 Allison Janney Expressed Peach Excited By Finding Nemo And Gladys In Over The Hedge

Allison Janney Peach finds Nemo on the hedge

Allison Janney has had a long career in film, television, and theater, including voicing two DreamWorks Animation characters over the years: Ms. Grunion in Mr. Peabody & Sherman and Gladys Sharp in Above the limit.

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Arguably a much more memorable vocal performance on Janney’s resume is Peach, the loud and lovable starfish in The world of Nemo known for her role as a lookout and often hushed up reports.

2 Amy Poehler brought upside down joy and chaos to Shrek the Third

Amy Poehler Joy Inside Out Parks Leisure Snow White Shrek

Amy Poehler is another example of a talented actor who started out with improv and comedy skits before joining the cast of Saturday Night Live to showcase his talents. She became the iconic Leslie Knope in Parks and recreation and also starred in Pixar Upside down like Joy, the emotion considered the main protagonist of the story.

She also voiced the hilarious Snow White in Shrek the third. Poehler’s vocal work brought a whole new facet to the common perception of Snow White, with her ability to go from elegant and graceful to angry and violent in an instant.

1 Samuel L. Jackson was the Frozen Frozone and the Cool Whiplash Mentor

Samuel L Jackson Frozone Incredibles Whiplash Turbo

There is no doubt that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most iconic and decorated actors, having enjoyed a career rich in history which began in 1972. He has starred in all existing film genres, including some of the biggest franchises imaginable, from pulp Fiction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star wars.

Aside from those iconic roles of Mace Windu, Nick Fury, and countless others, another of his best roles was Frozone, the sympathetic sidekick of The Incredibles franchise. Jackson also voiced the mentor figure among the snails, Whiplash, in DreamWorks’ Turbo.

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