Santander Loans Consolidation Debts 3 Things to Know!

Among the most popular products of Santander , we mention the Debt Consolidation Loan . Request a free quote online ! This type of personal loan allows you to bring together into a single financing all outstanding old loans, and face a single installment, lighter and fit for use, in the longer term (up to 120 months) at a single rate and locked for the entire duration.

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Santander loans 30000 online

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Santander is a financial company active on the national territory for many years. Customers’ opinions are highly satisfactory. Offers are flexible and convenient, guaranteeing transparency and convenience to the customer.

Among the various solutions, this financial proposes:

  • personal loan
  • debt consolidation loan
  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • sale of the fifth to small companies (small business)

The opinions on Santander are excellent, the level of customer satisfaction is in line with the main financial companies present in Italy. If you are interested in the Santander loan € 30000 , you have made the right choice.

Santander debt consolidation

Santander debt consolidation

The Santander loan dedicated to debt consolidation is the solution by which the customer can combine all the loans in progress in just one installment. We can distinguish two types of customers:

  • good payer
  • bad payer

If in the first case there are no particular warnings, in the second case it is mandatory to specify that the consolidation loan bad payers Santander can be obtained by assignment of the fifth and / or delegation of payment.

Therefore, if interested in consolidating Crif debts, the payroll or retention loan on the fifth of the pension is the solution. With the money obtained you can pay off a loan or more loans to pay a single installment.

Through the personal loan, even in the presence of a valid guarantor, it is not possible to proceed.

Calculate installment of Santander debt consolidation

How many are your installments in progress? Or rather, what is the total amount of debts to be consolidated? If for the personal loan there is generally a maximum limit set at € 30000, for those who proceed with transfer of the fifth or delegation (or adding together the two transactions together), this amount may be higher.

Mario writes:

” … I’m looking for a loan of 50000 euros to combine mortgage and financing, how can I do? Are there loans for debt consolidation ? To whom I can apply for an online loan. If it were possible, by putting my wife as a guarantor, we can get up to 70000 euros so we can make the financing extinction with santander ? We can also repay it in 10 years or even 15 years “.

In these cases we can evaluate:

  • a new mortgage consolidation debt plus liquidity (only if good payers)
  • an estimate of assignment of the fifth

Insights on Santander loan

It is possible to apply for a personal loan for the consolidation of debts even if the applicant is reported as a bad payer , protested or distrained , but only if the employee is employed on a permanent or retired contract .

Also in this case it will be possible to repay the personal loan with an amortization plan up to 120 months . Calculated the amount of the maximum sustainable installment, which can not exceed 20% of the monthly net income received by the customer, the customer can obtain new liquidity, up to € 50,000 .