Accident Death Insurance without Medical Questionnaire

How does insurance define death by accident?

Before you take out an accident death insurance policy , it is important that you know the definition of insurers.

This is different from the one used in everyday language and the beneficiary will only be compensated if he strictly responds to the application of this definition.

The insurance defines accidental death as follows and covers you if the cause of the accident meets the three criteria below.

  1. Death was caused by an external cause. Understand that the origin is not due to the insured or the recipient and that there is nothing intentional.
  2. It comes from a sudden and violent action. It is therefore an unforeseeable event unfortunate, due to fortuitous circumstances.
  3. The insured suffered a bodily injury leading either to death or to a total and irreversible loss of autonomy. This form of disability is compensated only on the condition that the insured person can no longer perform any activity that gives him the right to remuneration and that he needs a third party to perform the acts of daily life. (3rd category of social security).

This excludes deaths due to a medical accident of the cerebral or surgical type, unless it is caused by material failure or misconduct by the medical staff.

The conditions of accidental insurance

The conditions of accidental insurance

\We will resume below all the points for which you must show the most attention before entering into a contract.

  • The drafting of the beneficiary clause deserves special attention. Most contracts formulate the clause as follows: ” the spouse, failing the children born or to be born, failing the heirs “. However, you have the possibility to designate beneficiaries by name and it is quite possible to arrange specific clauses, for example by adding conditions: (majority of children, continuation of higher studies, payment of death split capital …) .
  • The possibility of including other family members. You can usually cover children under the age of 6 months and your spouse.
  • The contribution in principle will not increase. The payment is made in a lump sum according to the principle of temporary death contracts. Periodic payments will therefore remain fixed until the end.
  • The paid-up capital in case of death is excluding inheritance tax. In case of total and irreversible loss of autonomy, the annuity will not be taxable.
  • You have the right to accumulate several contracts that are completely complementary to funeral conventions.

A death insurance without a medical questionnaire

Not covering the disease, accident insurance requires little underwriting formalities. Thus, the insurer will not claim medical formalities: no questionnaire or even health declaration.

However, it is necessary to respect age limits, which vary depending on the insurer. Most often, they require the insured to be over 18 years of age and under 70 years of age.

Exclusions from the contract

Here is a list of exclusions found in most insurance if accidental death occurs due to one of the following reasons:

  • Caused intentionally by the insured or the beneficiary of the contract.
  • Occurred by a war (civil or foreign).
  • Following a suicide attempt.
  • Caused by the use of prohibited substances or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Consecutive to the practice of a sport exercised in a professional capacity or in a race requiring the use of a motor vehicle.
  • Following the piloting of an airplane (outside the aircraft of duly approved regular airlines).
  • Following fights (except cases of self-defense or assistance to person in danger).
  • Resulting from the handling of firearms by the insured
  • Caused by drunkenness (driver or pedestrian)

Additional services

Many companies offer complementary services such as psychological assistance to beneficiaries, assistance for the care of pets, domestic help or various benefits to assist school children. Ask your insurer.

What is the difference between a Life Accident Guarantee (GAV) and accidental death insurance?

GAV (Life Accident Guarantee) contracts protect you in the event of death resulting accidentally from everyday life, mainly domestic accidents. The insurer has the obligation to compensate the victim in proportion to the bodily injury suffered, even if the cause has not been clearly identified.

Our advices

A tariff approach is not enough to compare accident death insurance contracts. Before you decide, it is imperative to read the general conditions of the contract and especially the chapter related to exclusions.